Influence the next generation—Who is your Legacy?

Marywinn Lent and Dr. Lent with Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Jack Canfield

Often, we’re told our legacy is only as important as the amount of money we give or the number of humanitarians causes we donate our time to help. Marywinn Lent has a life-changing perspective on what it really mans to leave a legacy and is a compelling educator and story-teller with an unforgettable story. Marywinn and her husband George raised 5 children of their own, adopted in their heart 5 Russian orphans, and influenced hundreds of others. True giving, and our greatest philanthropy begins with those closest to us and those with whom we have the greatest influence. Marywinn teaches us how to change our world for the better and leaves and unforgettable legacy, one life at a time. Her mission is to build an army of legacy creators. Her new book, On Wings as Eagles—Redeem, Renew, Restore, Reach Out to Find Your Purpose in Life, will soon be available on

My Precious Shepherd, Volume 1 of the Lord is My Shepherd Series, is now available on Amazon, and

Marywinn is available to speak to: churches, pastoral conferences, Christian groups, women’s conferences, mom’s parent’s and children’s groups etc.
Speaking Topics Include:
  • Ordinary People, Extra-Ordinary God. What God can do with the simplest gifts.
  • Beyond Cancer, Beyond Chemo. Listening to that Still, Small, Healing Voice of God.
  • All My Children—The lessons I’ve Learned and the Legacy We’ve Created (Workshop for personal story writing and legacy creation).
  • The Light at the End of the Tunnel—Adversities’ Blessings and Revelations: How Strong is Your Rope?
  • The Power of the Solar panel, God’s Word is the Direct Current Impacting our Lives and Helps us to Reach into the Lives of Others.
  • God, our miracle worker. Why some doors open and some doors close.



We had the privilege of having MaryWinn come and speak at our annual ladies’ weekend, Babes in the Woods. Little did we know; the ladies were about to have a night full of laughter and fellowship. “Grandma Tillie” made an appearance, and one hat at a time, the ladies walked through MaryWinn’s life one chapter at a time and to some, they said it was almost as if they were living the stories out with her. She was entertaining and captivating. Her ability to communicate with humor and “Grandma Tillie” kept the audience engaged through out the evening.

Her words in sharing and reliving the events of her life were inspirational to all of us in attendance. MaryWinn left us all with much to consider for our own lives.

The ladies expressed their appreciation to and for MaryWinn. We cannot wait to have MaryWinn back at Camp Dixie for Babes in the Woods in the coming year.
– Rhonda Conrad and Laurie Owens

I had the opportunity to hear MaryWinn speak during a recent women’s event. She and her husband are a true inspiration and she is an excellent storyteller. Once I heard her speak, I had to quickly get a copy of her book. She makes you want to be a better person and is so down to earth and kind, that you want to keep hearing more of her stories.
– Jessica Little

I loved her unique point of view and sense of humor! You can tell she writes like she has you sitting on the floor in front of her telling you a great story you’ve been begging to hear!
– Emily Diane Springer