Have you ever thought about the value of one person to God? The power of ONE in the Bible is tremendously important.

It took ONE loving, caring, merciful, and gracious God to send ONE angel to ONE willing virgin, and ONE young man to agree to protect and provide for them, as his family. It took ONE band of angels to proclaim to ONE group of shepherds about the Messiah’s birth. Those ONE group of shepherds went out into all the city to proclaim their Messiah’s birth. ONE star led the wisemen to worship baby Jesus.

Also, it took ONE Son of God to live on this earth to proclaim who the Father is. It took that ONE Son to willingly die on the Cross of Calvary to bear the sins of all people. But, ONE grave could not hold the ONE Son of God! Victory over Satan, sin, and the death came by ONE son resurrecting from the dead. ONE empty grave was all that was left. Victory came on that ONE Easter morning. Because of that EACH ONE of us has the right to choose our own eternal destiny for ourselves. The power of ONE in the Bible is incredible!

As I thought about this great power of ONE, I realized that in our family, we had ONE child that united all of us together and showed us the importance of ONE life. Our youngest child, a son, was born as a Mosaic of Downs. This means that one-third of his cells are normal, one-third are the Down’s cells, and one-third are something that they do not have a name for at that time.
He was born with a medium sized hole in his heart, and the heart beats backwards. As a teenager, the doctors tried to obliterate one nerve in his heart that was firing too frequently. It was too close to the hub of the other nerves to be able to accomplish this.

By the time, he was 1 ½ years old, he was legally blind because of cataracts occluding the lens in both eyes. At three years old, he had both sets of cataracts removed. His doctor at Emory University Hospital did a study on him because he was the youngest child ever to have both eyes fixed in this way. His doctor followed him until he was 20 years old.
Our children loved our youngest child from the moment he was born. They all rally around him and likewise he brought all of us to see the value of one life. We had two girls who were 16 and 9 years of age at the time of his birth. Our two older boys were ages 18 and 11. The motherly instinct poured out of these two girls. They spiked his hair and dressed him in all kinds of outfits. He was their alive and growing doll. Our boys gave him much attention also.

The entire family realized the seriousness of these problems. They were bending over backwards to help raise him in the proper way. It helped all the members of our family to be taken up with this child and his problems, rather than concentrating on each other’s selfishness in life that we all can have. It gave us a common goal to love and help this one rather than promoting ourselves.

As we served in Russia during 1994-1996 as parents to five Russian orphans, our youngest child had a wonderful time being raised with them. All of them were his age. For the next nine summers, all five orphans came over to stay with us for three months every summer. This gave our youngest child lots of fellowship with other children his age. They showed great loved toward him. Our entire family, including our Russian counterpart, still value the ONE imperfect life that brought us to understand that all children have a purpose, even the ones that have problems. Even the Russian adults saw his value because in that society, they put these children in institutions to be raised apart from their family. When they saw the value that our family place on our youngest child, they were amazed. It made an impact on them!

Even ONE life of an imperfect child can have a dramatic impact on others. God values every child, whether perfect or imperfect.

Read about this child in my book, My Precious Shepherd, in the story called, God’s Indescribable Blessings. His story is found on pages 218-226.

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